Hi Everyone!

This Obsidian Portal page is meant as a wiki for our game. I’ve already uploaded most of the NPCs that you’ve interacted with (a few I’m still looking for good photos of or haven’t written the descriptions/background for yet) and will start in on specific wiki terms soon.

Please feel free to upload your own characters and wiki terms as well and put any character logs, or “short stories” you’ve written into the Adventure Log!

If I can figure out how to put a Portland Google Map image into the maps section, we’ll be using that as well. Have fun!


“So the nickname for Portland is the City of Roses. Are you seriously telling me you never wondered where it got that name? Other places are the Big Easy, Big Apple, City of Angels, the Windy City. We’re the only one with a city named like a Keeper’s estate.

It’s not a coincidence. Here. Pull up a seat. Grab a beer.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time…”

Portland is as close to a Lost paradise as you’re likely to find in the real world. Which is to say that it is still raided by the Gentry, beset by Privateers, and there’s this weird Fetch that doesn’t seem to actually belong to anybody running around. Life is as hard, as weird as it is for any other Changeling keeping his head down.

But all that being said, it is the largest Freehold in North America. And they owe that, they say, to the Rose Knights. Four men (or women?) lost to time who took up arms and wits and stealth and words long ago. No one knows how. Or why. The only existent record says makes vague reference to a “plague of thorns in the nightmares of children”.

All that is left of the Rose Knights are four relics, one from each knight, displayed as trophies and as weapons of last resort for each court. One night, while the freehold celebrates, the four trophies are stolen. No one knows by who. No one knows why. No one knows what’s going to happen if the relics are gone.

But the Kings and Queens are pointing fingers at each other. People thought if the Rose Knight Tokens were taken, some monster would destroy the Freehold. Turns out it’s petty, Fae-like scorekeeping.

But that’s where your Motley comes in.

Because you’ve developed something of a… reputation when it comes to reclaiming lost things.