Never hearing always tasting


Betty knows almost nothing about her past before the Fae. She knows she used to hear and can’t anymore and she knows her palate is pretty much perfect.

She’s a bit ashamed of her appearance as a Cyclopean, and she’s not very good at making friends, so she’s very grateful for her job at Ambrocious, and for her friends/coworkers who speak ASL with her. She’s a genius with spices, though she’s been nudging Rhona to add more proteins to the menu. If she can save Susano’s fish imagine what she could do with Wagyu beef.


Betty was a taster for the Gentry, her hearing taken from her to maintain her master’s privacy. She still struggles to manage the panic attacks she can get when a particular taste takes her back, but food and Ambrocious have been her saviors. She’ll make it through if anyone can.


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