Laura von Brown

The Duchess' Fetch, the Impossible Miracle


Rasa’s Journal, March 24, 2014
Subject: Laura von Brown, aka “The Duchess’ Fetch”

When Laura von Brown disappeared all those years ago, her parents contacted Richard Storm to look into the case. They had been unsatisfied with the Portland’s finest’s effort and decided to take matters into their own hands. It was probably Storm’s easiest paycheck, because three days later, the girl wandered out of the woods, dazed but still in one piece.

Of course the real Laura von Brown had been lost, but no one was none the wiser.

Von Brown appears to be a very high quality fetch, capable of long term and extremely complex thought. This thing was able to walk right into the real Laura’s life and take it over seamlessly. Judging by her financials, she may have been able to run it even better. Von Brown married her fiance (see attached) a few weeks after her return. She took over her original’s art gallery and is able to maintain her comfy little lifestyle up in her big house in the hills.

A conversation with Last Call revealed some real strange dirt. Von Brown is pregnant. I’m not a doc or anything but I do know enough that it goes against everything we know about fetches. If the witnesses from the wedding are believable, then this fetch also has magic, beyond the stuff that’s just keeping her together. She is somehow able to affect the memories of those around her, becoming a walking wallflower.

The last bit is probably the worst. Apparently, von Brown and the Duchess are in contact with each other through their dreams. The Duchess is able to experience her fetches memories and live out on the life she’s been missing. Thing about a door is that it swings both ways and I don’t have to be a genius to know that this could spell trouble for the rest of us.

Update, March 27
Tailed von Brown to her gallery, went in with Molly posing as buyers. Was able to get a good read on her. Whoever her Maker was pulled out all the stops for this dame. She’s just about flawless in mimicry and that’s something coming from a shapeshifter.

Von Brown is the picture of the stressed professional. She’s anxious to the point she could be Valium’s cover girl and puts on a overly friendly face that would make any used car salesman green with envy. I think we can use this to an advantage, find a way to crawl under that mask and find out all kinds of things.

Something was off about the gallery. Found a painting there that had some things in it. Things that got no business being on this side of the Hedge. The place it showed gave me one hell of a chill; that big seaside gave up the coast. Something about caused my brain to freeze up. Tag said, “By Anonymous”. Von Brown refused to give the artist’s name. What the hell kind of promoter wouldn’t give out one of biggest seller’s name?

Bought the painting, maybe it’l give us another lead. If not, the girls can hang it in the hollow somewhere.

Laura von Brown

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