The Queen of Summer - Long-Tall Celine

4th Dan of the Thorned Fist, Bloody Hand Celine


Long-Tall Celine lives up to her name — she’s six-six if she’s an inch, all lean muscle and sinew. She could’ve been pretty if she hadn’t been an ogre, but her jutting under-tusks and mottled-green skin did away with any conventional idea of beauty a long time ago. Even in her Mask, she can’t escape the underbite that will never go away.

She prefers military surplus gear in her every-day life. Most take her for an off-duty soldier or a gun-nut, which isn’t entirely inaccurate. For dress occasions she pulls out (and requires all Summer Court Soldiers and Knights) Hedgespun dress-blues based off of American WWI dress uniforms.

Like ALL Summer Courtiers, she’s never far from a weapon, but her close-combat weapon of choice is an Iron Spear (as per the Court’s name). Legend has it slew Chopper, the Mechanical Knight of Arcadia when he came to our world looking for the honorable death his story demanded.

When the Crown of the Iron Spear is ascendent, the heat around her grows palpable, and the blood dripping form her hands starts to raise clouds of inexplicably red steam


Her Royal Majesty, Queen of Dry Summers, Long-Tall Celine, 4th Dan of Thorned Hand, Sigil of the Red Rose has been, for some time, looking for a new adventure. Last year, they successfully drove out an incursion of exiles. Lives were lost and glory was shared. The end of summer was capped by a bonfire where every fighting man and woman threw a token of victory into the flames and told a story of glory.

They want to do that again.

The soldiers of the Summer court joined up because they were PISSED about what happened to him. Long-Tall Celine was no different. They want revenge, they want to beat something to a bloody pulp. They want epic sagas and heroic songs. And if there are no enemies to fight worth their time, they will FIND some. Celine may have a temper, but she knows more than most how abuse victims can become the abusers. She’s got the blood on her hands to prove it. Literally.

Long-Tall Celine was a killer of men and women. A true monster of an Ogre who scrabbled her way back from the abyss of madness by the skin of her teeth and the kindness of strangers. She has blood on her hands. LITERAL blood on her hands that she can’t wash off no matter how hard she tries. Legend says that when she’s saved 100 lives, it will finally rinse clear and free, and her soul will be accepted into Heaven once again. Assuming, of course, you believe in such things.

An unfortunate side-effect of this trip down the path of insanity is that she lost a lot of her memories of who she used to be.

Long-Tall Celine is looking for an adventure for her people because she sees that same glint of Fae-Insanity in some of their eyes she used to see in the mirror. She hears rumors from Webb about the Red Cap army coming to town to start recruiting. And though she hasn’t told anyone else, she knows she’s sitting on a powder keg that needs a place to blow before the summer grows hot again.

The Queen of Summer - Long-Tall Celine

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