Richard Storm

Private Investigator, Missing Persons, Deceased


Rasa’s Journal, March 23, 2014
Subject: Richard Storm

Born: Feb. 13th, 1952
Died: Jan. 15, 2010

Married: Samantha Diane Taylor (deceased)
Daughter: Sophia Taylor (b. 1980)

Graduated: Washington University, BS, Criminal Forensics, 1975
Joined Portland Police Department, June 1975

Married Samantha Talyor, June 30th, 1978.
Daughter Sophia born November 5th, 1980

Promoted to Detective 1980, assigned to organized crime unit.
Served 22 years, specialized in investigating and breaking up several human trafficking rings.

Samantha filed for divorce in November, 2001. Sophia became estranged for several years, changed last name to Taylor.

Storm resigned from the PPD September 20th, 2002, after accusations of corruption and accepting bribes from Bratva. Internal affairs cleared Storm of all charges, but Storm still resigned citing “health reasons”.

Licensed as private investigator January, 2003, formed “Storm Private Investigations”. Continued to work missing person cases, often consulting PPD for next seven years.

Samantha died March 1st, 2007, from breast cancer. Relationship was rekindled with Sophia soon after.

Richard Strom was found dying in alley Jan. 15th, 2010. Multiple lacerations to chest.

Identity assumed Jan. 16th, 2010 by Jack Rasa.

=Personal Notes=

Storm was the first person I found when I came back. Found him bleeding out in some back alley, looked like something took a razor to him. He took one look at me, asked if I could help him with a smoke. Still have that lighter. He managed to take one drag before saying, “Like a blank slate.” I’ve heard worse last words.

Storm’s office is some old red brick building near the river, part of a block that’s just old enough to be declared a “city heritage site”, but not old enough that the city wants to fix it up. Needless to say, not the best neighborhood.

Storm was the kind of guy people went to when the police weren’t being too helpful. Missing persons was his bread and butter. I’ve studied all his note and case files, think I picked up a few of his tricks. Recently, I’ve looked through his cases again. More than a few of these people who went missing ended up coming back. Just not at the times the files say.

Around a third of these cases all reek of Hedge work. Von Brown was in here. Who else is?

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I have a file in there somewhere. Could have looked it over a hundred times, my real face staring back at me from a snapshot, and I’ll never know about it.

=Update March 27=

Our friend Storm was deeper in than we could have realized. Got a visit from Councilwoman Samantha Rowe, introduced herself as “Stars in Her Eyes”. Said that was her name among “The People” but she doesn’t mean the local tribes. Based on what Terry described, she means among the four legged kind.

Talked about how she had an old arrangement with Storm. He people would leave him so long as he took care of “the spirit of this place”. She did some show, trying to scare us all off. Someone should have told her you can’t scare an Autumn that easily. Eventually she calmed down, saying I now had that responsibility.

Rowe asked about how Storm died. I told her, gave her the lighter. She did that same thing Terry does, taking a big sniff of the thing, just not looking like some crazy hobo in the process. Said she caught the smell of blood and roses on it.

Just what the hell did you get involved in Storm?

Richard Storm

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