Simon Lyman

"It wasn't her fault."


22, A medicated schizophrenic who loves his guitar even if he had to make some modifications to play it with his prosthesis. Smart. Left Oklahoma as soon as he could. Has a past with Rhona Gilles.


Application for Civil Commitment
Re: “Jane Doe 357 alias Rhona Gilles”

Pursuant to Oklahoma Mental Health Law 43A O.S. ยง1-101, applicant Cathy Lyman wishes to submit the minor “Jane Doe 357” for involuntary psychiatric institutionalization due to her violent and erratic behavior with respect to both her and her minor son Simon Lyman.
Minor Doe was fostered after her appearance at applicant’s place of work (McDonald’s Restaurant and Play Place, Route 177 South, Oklahoma.) Doe claimed the identity of one Rhona Gilles, born in Murray County in 1928. (The Gilles family has not had ties to the area since 1936.) Aside from this apparent attempt at identity theft, Doe appeared dazed and erratic, claiming to have killed her father after a fire consumed their home. A subsequent police investigation revealed no man by any of the names given had lived in the tri county area in the last few months and the only fire in the last year had been in a grain silo with no casualties and minimal property damage.

Doe’s caseworker and attending psychiatrist at Arbuckle Memorial Hospital recommended outpatient treatment as Doe agreed that her contentions were likely delusions and was willing to take medication. Applicant Cathy Lyman volunteered to foster the girl as she seemed to share a calming affinity with her son of a similar age, Simon, who was also undergoing outpatient treatment for schizophrenia. Simon Lyman’s deposition is attached and selections from it are below. The hope is that this will stand in for live testimony at the commitment hearing as Simon is in an (understandably) fragile state.

ATTORNEY: Simon when you met first met Jane Doe 357, what did she say about herself?
SIMON: Her name’s Rhona. Like a place in Scotland’s that’s really green. She likes green and red and fields. She loves music and guitars and A minor chords. Her voice is real pretty. When my mom said she got lippy she said there wasn’t anything wrong with her lips. [laughs]

ATTORNEY: What did she say about herself Simon?

SIMON: Rho said she ran away from her father, that he was bad and hurt a lot of people. She killed him.

ATTORNEY: Is that all she said to you at the McDonalds?

SIMON: No. She said other things. She talked about a dark palace and glowing vines. And a black snow.

ATTORNEY: Did she seem to believe what she was saying?

SIMON: You think she was off her meds. She doesn’t like medicine. It made her body change. She hates candles too.

ATTORNEY: Simon please stay on topic.

SIMON: You don’t have to take your meds. It says so in the patients’ bill of rights.

ATTORNEY: Unless she hurts someone.

SIMON: It wasn’t her fault.

ATTORNEY: Tell us what happened, and the doctors will decide.

SIMON: It was my fault. I told her Mom was getting her a new doctor, that people were interested in her. She was frightened. Really scared. Like I used to get. I tried to explain it was okay, that she was safe, that she can do positive self talk, like Dr. Wilkes taught me. But… [pause] she was scared. She was so scared. And I tried to touch her. I shouldn’t have touched her.

ATTORNEY: What did she do when you touched her?



SIMON: She hurt me.

ATTORNEY: How did she hurt you?

SIMON: She cut off my hand. She tried to fix it though. “So fragile” she kept saying. So fragile. She gave me a sweet tasting fruit and started crying. I told her it didn’t hurt too bad. I showed her how to put pressure on the wound like on ER. And she sang to me. And it was beautiful. She was so blue.

ATTORNEY: Thank you Simon. I apologize for putting you through this.

SIMON: It’s not her fault.

ATTORNEY: Did she tell you that?

SIMON: No. I know that. I wish she did.

Simon Lyman was in shock when his mother found him and Doe on the floor of their home. Doe had to be sedated to get her away from him.

In light of this incident, applicant and Doe’s court appointed psychiatrist recommend inpatient treatment at Rolling Hills Hospital as Doe has been known to lie about her lucidity. They also request the investigation into the possible murder of her father be reopened as she has proven to be a violent offender.

Simon Lyman

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