The King of Winter - Webb

The Circus Leader, the Man of Everyone's Secrets


Webb looks like no one. He’s a small, middled-aged British man with thinning hair and glasses. Just out of shape enough to not attract attention. Most people assume he’s a mid-level life-long beauracrat (which ironically is true, he does have a job that requires no work in the Portland city governent).

Even under the Mask h’es unremarkable - a slight point to the ears, a long cast to the nose, you’d almost not know that he was one of the Lost. Except there’s just one thing -

His glasses catch the light no matter where they are, and they hold it. You simply can’t see eyes no matter how hard you try as long as he has his glasses on. It’s when he takes them off, though, that things get really strange. He doesn’t have eyes, not any more. His keeper went in and left a pair of dice in their place. Snake eyes.

When the Crown of the Silent Arrow is on his head, his mein becomes stark — everything is sharp, clear, and easy to see around him. Snow and sleet travels in his wake, and everyone’s drink becomes on the rocks, whether they like it ornot.


The King of Foggy Winters, Sigil of the White Rose, was taken from London, England in the 1970’s and made his back to the waking world in Portland, Oregon in the 1990’s following a son who had emigrated to America in the meantime. The biggest change for him was that the Cold War had ended. He still has a bad habit of referring to Russians as “Soviets” and Russia itself as the USSR. This is most likely because he was a major figure in the Circus, England’s Intelligence operations.

It is at that point that any certainty on the man ends, because that was all the information the monarchs of the time could get from him before his training kicked in and the disinformation started. To this day, no one is even completely certain what his name is, although someone started calling him “Web” and the name more or less stuck, usually spelled “Webb” to avoid suspicion.

The Rose Knights may have made the Freehold safe from those outside, but the King would tell you that HE keeps it safe from the threats within and without that no one even knows about it. His information network is vast, both within the Freehold, the mortal world, and some rumors say even the other strange things in Portland. He slips gold coins into the hands of the Men in Black and grants wishes to corpses all in exchange for the truth.

He runs his court like a detective agency and a spy network. People are given autonomy (only the Soviets expect machines!), but intrigue is part of the game. Every courtier is given someone else to watch and then send a report up the line. The King himself is watched by the Master of Whispers, who is watched by the King. Each send their weekly reports to the Winter courtiers. One isn’t expected to backstab, exactly. But one is most certainly encouraged to show initiative.

If this sounds depressing then, well, it is. Web got his crown because he uncovered a traitor in the previous King’s court. A Loyalist mole who had been selling Lost back to the Gentry for decades and decades. The man who found Web wandering around the streets of Portland his first night out.

A man who, with his dying breath, promised there were more in their midst.

The King of Winter - Webb

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