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  • Grekov Bratva

    Rasa's Journal, Oct. 5th, 2011 Organizational File, Grekov Bratva Affiliation: Russian Mob Base of Operations: Portland, OR Current Leader: Pakhan Mikael "The Butcher" Grekov Activities: grand theft, extortion, racketeering, prostitution, human …

  • William "Billy" Rickard

    Loves dogs, art history, and listening to music on vinyl. Flappable, stressed, putty in Rhona's hands. She would never admit to it, but she really likes him. And would really appreciate it if Terry would STOP RUINING IT.

  • Richard Storm

    Rasa's Journal, March 23, 2014 Subject: Richard Storm Born: Feb. 13th, 1952 Died: Jan. 15, 2010 Married: Samantha Diane Taylor (deceased) Daughter: [[:sophia-taylor | Sophia Taylor]] (b. 1980) Graduated: Washington University, BS, Criminal …

  • Simon Lyman

    Application for Civil Commitment Re: "Jane Doe 357 alias Rhona Gilles" Pursuant to Oklahoma Mental Health Law 43A O.S. ยง1-101, applicant Cathy Lyman wishes to submit the minor "Jane Doe 357" for involuntary psychiatric institutionalization due to her …