The official name is Ambrocious Pescatarian Eatery & Croquet Field. Most of the clientele are the Lost but every now and then an errant hipster comes in, leading to a slew of new customers before it cycles into uncool again.

You heard that right. Like many up and coming hipster restaurants, Ambrocious has an “indoor green” that can be used for yard games.

Co-owner Molly Spector prefers croquet, so to the mallets it is, which fits with their pretty awful ska “house band,” The Sticky Wickets, with their own server/dishwasher Parker Dreisdale on xylophone.

Cook Betty serves amazing goblin fruit salads and seafood entrees with hedge based garnishes and reductions. All food is locally sourced from either the co-owners’ farm Hollow or Rhona Gilles’s farm in Ridgefield.

Though Gilles and Spector are the official owners, the seed money is The King of Spring – Ironic Jeremy’s. Rumors abound as to why he favored the project and very few of them have to do with the food (which is sad, because the food is excellent.)


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