The Hollow

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Everybody has a place where they hang their hat, where they can put up their tired feet, and relax. The members of Tabula Rasa Investigations are no different. But not everyone can claim having having an orchard outside of reality or a cave under a bridge is their place. The Hollow is split up into two sections, each with their own doors to reality: the Cave and the Orchard.

When Jack Rasa needed a place to look into more sensitive matters, he made do with a little hole in reality for himself. The main hub of the hollow is a large cave, carved out of black stone. It’s dark, slightly dank, and just what every Darkling likes. There are two doors that connect the Cave to reality. One leads to a forgotten service entrance under the Ross Island Bridge. The other leads to Tabula Rasa’s front office, formally Richard Storm’s office, located downriver on the east side.

Through some negotiating (involving Jack’s diplomacy skills and Terry’s teeth) a door was set up that connected the Cave to The Triangle, giving the group easy access to the Hedgetown and its market.

The Cave serves as the group’s main hub, where plans are made, gear is prepped and research is done. This is where Jack keeps his more sensitive information: documents and evidence that is connected to the Hedge, items that aren’t safe to have around humans, and his “Wall of Red String”, which maps out Jack’s efforts to discover his true identity. Among the scavenged items from old cases, or “souvenirs” as Terry likes to call them, are a 1950’s typewriter that answer’s questions, an arcade console that plays the best games that never were, and TV set that airs episodes from script writer’s dreams.

A wooden step ladder leads upwards to the other part of the hollow, the Orchard. This space is maintained by Molly Spector and Rhona Gilles. When the girls decided to join up with Jack and Terry (or vice-versa depending on who you ask), they decided to link their respective homes into a single hollow. The ladder in the Cave leads to a barn attached to a small farm house. The farmhouse leads directly to Ambrocious, a small restaurant co-owed by Molly and Rho.

The Orchard grows a variety of goblins fruits, including Trenchment, Amarathen, and Rho’s favorite, Stab Apples, all of which is used in the restaurant’s kitchen.

The Hollow

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