The King of Spring - Ironic Jeremy

The Hipster King, the Digital Monarch


The King of Spring, Ironic Jeremy, Sigil of the Pink Rose, is sometimes also known as “The Hipster King” derisively and “The Digital Monarch” respectfully. And there’s some truth to both of those monikers.

Jeremy dressed, acts, and conducts his court like a hipster, skinny jeans and interesting facial hair in abundance. The more low-key courts can’t stand this behavior, thinking it draws attention. Jeremy points out that camouflage is blending into your surroundings and they are, technically, in Portland. Why should they deny who they are and let their freak flags wave at half mast?

Beneath the mask his skin is covered in blue circuitry, twining through his body like overgrown vines. Electricity sparks from his eyes and mouth when he’s excited (which is most of the time.) When the Antler Crown is ascendent, Portland’s light Spring rains follow him everywhere, thunder heads crashing lightly, flowers perking up as he passes.


Before being taken, Jeremy had been a Silicon Valley Wunderkind, and he never lost that technical edge. His specialty is communications, and through his blogs, ‘zines, and encrypted websites, Portland is connected to the larger Lost all over the Country. Need to visit another city? Want to invite someone from out of town here safely? Just want to send a message? Jeremy and the Court of Spring are your people. When Lost the world over think of Portland, they’re using think of Ironic Jeremy.

His court is a popularity contest, with people flitting to new passions and new experiences until it reaches a kind of critical mass and becomes “cool”, at which point Jeremy abandons it and looks for some new thing to attract his attention. This form of cultural ADD makes him shallow and hard to focus, but it has also resulted in amazing discoveries — from musicians he’s lifted out of poverty to one of the Freehold’s most valuable Hallows (though Jeremy doesn’t use that one any longer now that the other three courts are there.) His advisors, the Council of Graces, are always in a state of flux as they start getting too mainstream or fail to bring in something to attract his attention. Of course, the ones that have been there long enough manage to do it without looking like they’re trying to do it.

Of all the Courts, Ironic Jeremy probably has the most Changelings who explosively self-destruct. The constant search for something new is an addiction, one of the most powerful, and not everyone can keep up with Jeremy’s wild abandon. Jeremy says this is the cost of doing business. Portland is the greatest Freehold in the country. That doesn’t come without a price.

The King of Spring - Ironic Jeremy

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