Sophia Taylor

Storm's Daughter, "The Hammer", The Promise Kept


Sophia Taylor is a 34 year old prosecuting state attorney and only child of Richard Storm. She became estranged from her father after leaving for law school, going so far as to change her name to her mother’s maiden name after her parents divorced. Strom was able to rekindle their relationship after her mother’s death. The two meet at her grave once a year on the anniversary of her death.

Taylor lives in a upscale apartment near the river with her girlfriend, Lucy.

Five years ago, Taylor was threatened with disbarment after accusations were made against her for corruption. Sophia had been earned a reputation for being iron hard in terms of prosecuting criminals, earning her the nickname “The Hammer”. Any perp that was unfortunate to get her as a prosecutor would have had the full weight of the law come crashing down on their heads. When a member of the Grekov Bratva, a Russian crime syndicate that operates in Portland, faced multiple charges, including the kidnapping, rape, and murder of a young woman, Taylor made it her job that the man be put away for life. But with only circumstantial evidence against him, Taylor forged a judge’s signature for a search warrant, which led the police to an arrest. The man, Sasha Petrov, was offered to make a deal with the state to turn in evidence against the Bratva.

It was all for nothing though. The defendant was found dead in his cell just before the bargain could be struck. Officials and reporters on the Bratva’s payroll, caught wind of Taylor’s illegal actions and a media frenzy soon followed. The district attorney was able to sweep the matter under the table, through no small expense, but Taylor was forced to resign from her position and be demoted.

Storm reached out and did his best to counsel her. He even offered to look into the matter himself, acting off the record as an independent investigator. Sophia thanked him, but turned down his offer, though she suspects he may have gone ahead with it.

For the last four years, Taylor has been building a case against Mikael Grekov, pakhan (head) of the Grekov Bratva. Grekov has eluded prosecution before through bribery, intimidation, and murder, but Taylor believes she has evidence and a case that will ensure he is put away for life and that his organization is dismantled.

Sophia’s relationship with Lucy has become strained lately. Lucy accuses her of bringing the work home with her and is sometimes fearful of her life, believing that Grekov may use her to get to Sophia. Sophia does her best to calm Lucy, but the danger is very real.

She remains unaware of Storm’s death or the fact that Jack Rasa has assumed his identity.


Sophia Taylor

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